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    Good affordable local gyms?

    Thanks very much - what time does the Glenroyal close? Is there any facilities there suitable for kids - e.g. swimming classes, martial arts, etc?
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    Has anyone installed broadband? What company are you using? Any problems? How many MB are you on?
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    Management Company?

    Does anyone have any information in relation to the Management Company? Is it operating well to date?
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    Any Issues

    Please post any such issues here.
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    Good affordable local gyms?

    Any advice on the above would be appreciated. I understand that the gym at the Glenroyal Hotel is quite good and has a swimming pool but is v. expensive. Is this correct? Anyone know how much it costs and does it get very crowded in the evenings or on weekends? Any other good similar...
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    Mycete Homes

    Hi everyone. Am moving in the New Year - Mycete are our builder. Has your experience of them been positive? Any specific things we should look out for? Has anyone had any difficulties with them? Did they sort out everything on your snag list? Any advice on this would be appreciated.
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    Any announcements of interest to Moyglare Hall residents (or future residents) should be posted here.