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    Completion dates?

    Thanks Sandy, handy to have his mobile!! We've found it so hard to get in touch with him in the past!! Last we spoke to him he told us if all goes to plan, Sept 2007 :mad: (we're in the last phase so I'd say he got ours mixed up with yours!!) We're heading up for a look this weekend, I'm going...
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    Completion dates?

    We had originally picked a house in phase one and were told it would be ready in 6 months so we changed to a different house and we needed more time to save. That house has only just been finished, 18 months later! Seems the timelines given at the start were way out of sync!
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    We bought in Sept '05 and were told 12-18 months, we've only recently managed to get another deadline which is now Sept '07, if all goes according to plan. It just seems so hard to get any answers or updates, we just keep hearing different things! Are people waiting to sell houses getting more...
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    Completion dates?

    Has anyone received completion dates for Saunders Lane? We've received hardly any information so far. We were told 12-18 months when we bought and February marked the 18 month mark, but we've received no updates or info, is everyone experiencing this too? We're finding it so hard to get straight...