58 Apts sold... to NAMA/Cluid in Beacon South Quarter


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Hi, I'm new to this site. I'm also an owner of an apartment in Beacon South Quarter that bought at the peak. I'm seriously concerned about this issue. Can anyone tell me when and where the next committee meeting is for owners? Thanks


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Can someone tell me who is "Simon in Mazars"? I have contacted John Morton in relation to this issue and when next committee meeting is as I thought he was the property Manager


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Simon Coyle is the receiver. His email is scoyle@mazars.ie. He essentially pulls the strings now on behalf of NAMA. Let me know how you get on. I have been very disappointed in lack of communication from Mazars to the residents over recent months and in particular about this development and future plans. Current residents deserve better.

Residents Committee meeting is on August 22nd. Not sure where it is held but Clare or John Morton should be able to advise on it.


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There is a get together for South Quarter residents in Beacon Hotel tonight from 7.30pm. Would suggest trying to attend as I hope to discuss the matter with those attending in order to gather some momentum prior to the committee meeting on 22nd august. I presume that someone from the mgt company may be in atendance tonight also.


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Purplegirl - you do not want to help out a postgrad student but yet expect the rest of the country to help you out of the property hole you have gotten yourself into. That person should be able to attend the meeting for educational reasons - it is hardly top secret information. Shame on you!

No doubt I will be banned from this site for speaking my mind....
I think you should re-read my posts... I NEVER mentioned anything about looking for help. I do not consider myself in any property hole as I am quite happy where I live, am not looking to sell or rent my apartment and am able to honour the committments I made to the bank in relation to my mortgage payments.

It is not up to anyone here to decide who can and can not attend a meeting but it is a residents meeting and therefore I would think that permission needs to be sought by those hosting it and not given by anyone who can register annon on this forum. As I clearly stated in my post, it was my personal opnion and it was not to because anything is top secret, it was purely because there are so many issues outstanding.

I don't think you can be banned from the site for speaking your opinion but you may like to be more sure of your facts before posting incorrectly about other users.