Found: Black cat


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Hi folks

We have a little visitor that thinks she lives with us, much to the dismay of my giant softie of a cat........:(

She is a small black cat. She has recently been neutered ( I am assuming) as she still has stitches in her side.

Does anyone know who owns her? She may well not be missing at all and is going home at times but she is spending a lot of time trying to get in/or in our house, and cries at the door if we do not let her in. I dont mind that at all if I knew someone did own her and she is getting fed at home.

If anyone knows anything please post up.

Thanks :)


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does the kitten have any white on her by any chance, just know of a missing kitten, but i doubt it is but worht a try!!


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The cat has been reunited with her mother. It was actually a neighbours that was away and the cat was without her collar that she normally wears. But she's back home now with her mammy and just visits me now :p