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    The committee are aware of the red graffiti on the entrance pier and are will make arrangements to remove it ASAP.
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    boat for sale

    Boat I agree also. I live in the Woodberry section. I agree that it is inappropriate and may be a safety risk to children. It will be raised in the Committee meeting tonight (10th October).
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    Last grass cut by Castlelands

    Broken trees Bore Please present your 'evidence' to Midleton Garda Station ASAP, as you seem to know something regarding the vandalised trees. We would like to avoid a repeat. Good man......
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    **Fee Collection for Landscaper**

    Great Work Janice Janice, Great work on the letters, web page and keeping everyone up to date. Appreciated by all....
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    **Fee Collection for Landscaper**

    All, We have started collecting the E120 per household and have had a very positive reponse so far, so thank you to all who have contributed so far. Cheques can be made payable to Castleredmond Residents Association. We will endeavor to contact everyone by the end of next week. For...
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    Last grass cut by Castlelands

    Castlelands Tim, I have also heard plenty of 'rumours' about Castlelands from many sources, all interestingly enough contradicting each other etc. We should be careful how we use this forum with respect to third party unsubstantiated claims. My understanding is the Council requested...
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    Last grass cut by Castlelands

    Hi All, Contacted Jill at Castlelands today. I have been informed that Castlelands landscaper will cut grass tomorrow for the last time, Tuesday 30th July 2007. As you know (as per recent Castlelands letter), Castlelands will cease maintenance of green areas on the 31st July (thats...
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    Use full contact numbers

    Please find below useful contact numbers: Add to this list by selecting EDIT. Midleton Garda (police) tel: 631478/631517 Fire Brigade tel: 631597 Midleton Hospital & Ambulance tel: 631516 Midleton & Area Chamber of Commerce tel: 631501 Midleton Urban District Council tel: 631580...
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    Planning information

    Website as recommended by TD David Stanton tonight (CRA meeting 29/07/07) for all planning related issues. or
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    A useful website for everyone