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    Building work

    Its really intrusive. From the kids I've seen on the wall, I don't think any are from our estate. I would be very cautious about putting up glass - Imight be illegal? I remember someone before recommending some sort of grease what you can put on walls, but I cant remember the name ... I'd just...
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    Car Parking

    Ohhhh I'm always so tempted to know someones door off outside that creche! Could so easily happen. Can the creche not put up cones outside with no parking? Really annoys me as most of the time there are available spaces in the car park beside the creche. Even still people will pull in both...
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    Leasing of unsold affordable units at phibblestown wood dublin 15 to fold housing ass

    Thanks for sharing Deesy. I've never heard of Fold, but from their website it seems like they provide accomodation to support independent living. Given the alternatives, this sounds like a good option. Over the last few weeks I'd seen some builders in some of the empty apartments so prop...
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    recommend a Childminder?

    Thanks HH, I think we'd prefer a childminder but i must pop in there tomorrow and take a look! eimear
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    recommend a Childminder?

    Hi all, We are currently looking at options for childminding for when I return to work from maternity leave in Oct/Nov. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a childminder in the area who takes infants. It will prob be 3.5 or 4 days per week we will need her minded. Cheers, Eimear
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    Whats our local parish church?

    Hi neighbours, I'm wondering what our parish church is? Hoping to get our daughter christened in May and would like to christen her in our local parish church, just wondering which one it is? Thanks :) Eimear
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    Management Fee 09

    Its not something I'd dying to pay - but are we not contractually bound? As an aside, my boyfriends complex have taken over the management of the estate themselves. There are 3 blocks, one of apartments and 2 blocks of houses. They have a rossiter to clean the apartments, they directly employ...
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    Management Fee 09

    Hi all, Does anyone know when our mgmt fees are due for 09? Are they paid on the anniversary of when we moved in or is there a calendar date they are due? Cheers. Eims
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    Meeting Minutes

    Thanks for putting up the minutes HH
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    Our Over Priced Houses in Phibblestown

    Wow thats mad! With so many people on waiting lists for houses its crazy they are resorting to advertising on daft and not reducing the prices to make them some what more affordable!!
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    Over heating oven

    Hi HH, I've had no problems with my oven. I do find when I open the over door a lot of steam comes out, but apart from that its fine. Have you been able to contact the manufacturers? E
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    Car Parking

    I know that mgmt companies charge a lot, but I dont see any alternative. I'm not sure what usually happens, but I believe it would be a lot of work and responsibility for a residents group to manage the estate, i.e. arrange for refuse collections, get grass cut, pay street ESB bills, pay group...
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    Attic conversion

    Hey Was doing some surfing the other night and came across an attic crowd and they gave me a quote of 18-20K. I'm not currently looking to get the work done, was just curious:) Quote as follows: A full conversion in your house would cost around 18k to 20k...
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    Forum Guidelines & Moderators

    Hi all, I'm currently the only Moderator for the Phibblestown Wood forum. If anyone else would like to become a Mod can you please send me a private message and I'll get you set up. Thanks :) Eimear
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    Management companies and the council (fingal)

    Did everyone receive a letter from Keenan in the last few days? See they cant manage to get the name of the estate correct! :confused: I'm keen to see what the "house rules" consist of :)