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    Window Cleaner Available

    Hi Jack, Window cleaning is arranged through management company.
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    Boiler maintenance

    Hi Beetlejuice, Sorry for the late reply, haven't been on this site for a while. I had my boiler serviced by Bord Gais. As far as I recall they were quite resonable. Details will be on your gas bill. Regards, Glyn
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    Hi Key5, Ventilation was a serious problem for us. We're on the ground floor in block 3. No air comes in from those vents in the window. It was so bad in our apartment that the architect was called out to come up with a solution as the apartment was getting damp. In the end, a vent was...
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    Main bathroom

    Hi Beetlejuice, Robbie Meally should be contactable at 01 8115200. This is the number for Liberty Homes (now part of Pierce Contracting). They could give you his mobile. Otherwise talk to the caretaker, Frank. He said Robbie is on site quite a bit doing the finishing list. He could get a...
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    Property Management Fees

    Key5 the residents commitee see the increase as a very important issue. It has been mentioned time and time again that this is because of the cost of the CCTV installation. Obviously we won't need to include this next year and the fees will be lower. We will be making sure of this.
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    Property Management Fees

    Hi Trent, The windows were actually cleaned last year. Only windows inaccessible to residents are in their remit. The windows accessed by balconies are the responsibility of the resident. There was a form dropped in every mailbox after they were cleaned and anyone who found them unsatisfactory...
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    Property Management Fees

    Management fees Hi Folks, The residents commitee have been doing a lot of work in the background, and changing Property Management Company isn't really an option at the moment. They were contracted to the builders (who still own around 80% of the complex) for three years. Besides, if you look...
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    Car Parking

    Hi All, Further to letters sent out about car parking, could everyone PLEASE be more considerate when parking your car. Please don't block the pathway, Please don't park on the carpark ramp or on the corner in front of it, Please don't park in front of the doors or in front of an...
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    NTL broken again

    Ntl Surprise, Surprise! It wasn't fixed when I got home last night. NTL say is 'might' be fixed by today. My next door neighbour's cable is working fine though.:confused:
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    NTL broken again

    Ntl Hi Beetlejuice, My wife rang them on Tuesday and they 'guaranteed' that it would be fixed within 48 hours. I'll have to check on that when I get home.:rolleyes: The alternative is Sky. There has to be a certain number interested before we could get connected though.
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    Broadband in the Watermill

    Broadband Hey The Bruce, It's just wireless from the modem to the PC, so the walls don't affect it. Every apartment has one line for phone, one for the modem. You just need to plug in the box and register with Irish Broadband, and hey-presto, the web is yours!:)
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    Residents Commitee Meeting

    Hi Everyone, There is a residents commitee meeting next week. Please post here with any issues you would like raised by the commitee.
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    Car Park Break In

    I have to ask the same question. What are we paying for? And why does it have to be a struggle all the time? There is a residents commitee meeting in a couple of weeks and this will definately be raised then. I checked the car park a few times myself. I parked my car outside for the last few...
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    Car Park Break In

    Car Park Gate Failure Beetlejuice you are not overreacting at all. I've just phoned OPDM and reported the fact that nothing had been done to fix the gates last night. I am absolutely livid. We rang the emergency number at 8oc last night. OPDM said today that Diarmuid would follow it up with...
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    Car Park Break In

    ANOTHER Break-in There was ANOTHER car broken into and ransacked last night. We desperately need to get more security. Maria is trying to organise a commitee meeting to discuss possible security measures.