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    storage heaters & shower problems

    Hi Junette, The storage heaters work something like this. The input determines how much heat is stored in the heater over night The output determines how quickly that heat is let out. It also activates the convection heater once you turn it all the way up. There should be two switches on...
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    Cracks in Walls

    I got mine done a number of months back (July or August). The method they used was to cover the cracks with a thin film, plaster over this and then paint. The result was uneven and fairly obvious but better than the cracks. Most were holding up ok but I've noticed all the cracks start to show up...
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    Car Break-ins in the car park

    Sorry to hear Gerry. This really is out of hand!! What did the management company have to say in regard to the security tapes etc?
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    Flooding in Car Park

    Hi, For info more than anything else - linked is a word file. Search it for mentions of flooding.
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    Recycling Paper Rubbish

    Recycling is a concern for me too Gerry. Last place I lived we were all issued with a green bin for paper and cans and the company Oxigen collected them monthly. The management company organised this. Although as I understood it at the time there was an obligation on us to start a green bin...
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    Toxic smell

    Well good news so if it's fading. Hopefully you'll be rid of it soon. Did you have people looking at your walls Beanie? I know there's another thread but...
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    Toxic smell

    Haven't noticed anything. Will keep in mind though. Noticed something similar in my old place. glad to be away from ikt now. Check the storage heaters perhaps?
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    Cracks in Walls

    Has anyone else been contacted by an Andrè (apparently got my number from Laing O'Rourke) regarding cracking along the joints of the precast blocks? I think the problem is isolated to a small number of units.
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    Automated Gates - move aerial

    I've noticed on other gates they tend to install them about 3/4 way up on the side of the gate post but usually obscured. Maybe there's an issue with spurious radio signals setting it off. Although I'm sure the company would advise on this. Or perhaps it was just a poor choice on behalf of the...
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    Best pint of guinness

    Not I. I'm from cavan end of meath. And yourself Beanie? A Dub?
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    Best pint of guinness

    Snap, it's the whole package too. Great barmen. Tipp people I believe.