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    Best pint of guinness

    Beers Smyths also gets my vote! Still haven't found a better local. Don't drink Guinness but if you feel like going a bit further afield, The Porter House in Phibsborro is a really nice spot. It is walking distance but it depends how much you enjoy walking! Nice surroundings, nice...
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    Flooding in Car Park

    Flooding Being Looked Into This Week I have it on good authority that this is being looked into this week. Fingers crossed!
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    Flooding in Car Park

    My space is also flooded. Hi Ciara, I too have a flooded space and have been onto the Management Company, Developer and Architect and still have no satisfactory answer. It may be tedious but I'm glad to hear that other people are also chasing them for answers. If we all keep the...
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    There is a way, but not a good one Hi Irfan, There is indeed a system in place. Not a very useful one though. You can open the gate via your phone if you get them connected up but it's so complicated that it's almost impossible to work out how to use it. If you need some help phone...