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    community clean up day

    Hi All Estate clean up on Saturday October 19th, meeting outside the Creche at 10am. All residents are encouraged to come out on Saturday and help improve our estate, bring your sweeping brushes, gardening tools etc..
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    property tax

    revenue website have valuation guidelines for the upcoming property tax, see link below, 100-150K for apt and terraced house and 200-250K for a detached house
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    Bin Shed Closed

    The bin shed for the apartments has not been emptied this week and according to KPM will not be as they have no money to do so. It is an absolute mess at the moment so please do not dump any more rubbish there. It will be considered littering and you will be fined.
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    Bin Shed

    Please put your rubbish bags into the bins provided.
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    management fees 2011 in Phibblestown Wood

    Anyone got any idea about how much they will be in 2011?
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    Communiaal Bins

    Hi The email is I think it is a terrible idea, The bin house is not constructed properly poor drainage etc. and is not able to cope with the amount of users it currently has. There will always be people who dump non domestic rubbish and this will only increase and we will...