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    re child crying

    re child thats terrible to hear,i wonder if the kids going around on the bikes are from the same house? the young kids on bikes just cycle right out in front of you and stare you down as if its your fault! i am terrifed in the car when they are around..
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    re child crying

    janice nice to hear someone else was as concerned as myself. I never thought of ringing the guards great idea,it was so dangerous and scary when her parents were ignoring her cries. Thank god it hasnt happened since
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    puppy posters

    a black and white puppy was found yesterday and posters were put up to help find its was so sad to see a lot of them taken down this morning,what kind of person does that?
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    King Charles Pup - lost

    missing black and white puppy hi there this morning a friend of mine found a black and white puppy outside her front door in Woodberry Lawn she looks like she was well looked after so im hoping someone might be missing her. She is very well behaved and beautiful if she is yours please give me...
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    re child crying

    I cant remember was it thurs or weds morning,i was woken about half six by a child wailing and crying.I got out of bed and looked out my window and saw a child about 3 years old at the front door,of a house in the heights. The crying went on for half an hour so,i became worried and got...
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    Parent and Toddler Group

    Parent And Toddler Morning Hi Everyone Just to let you know there is a Toddler morning every Monday from 10.30 to 12.30 in the centre just at the end of Beachwood Court estate on the Youghal Road. Its on the left off the main road just before the girls primary school All ages of toddlers...
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    Social Club

    Hi Karl I can understand how dissapointing it must have been with so few turning up. Just a few suggestions maybe the venue is a bit old?Could we not go in to Midleton town somewhere a bit more lively? And a lot of the houses near me are renters and might not have the best english could we...
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    Mother & Toddler Group

    mother and toddler group hi would be really interested in helping to set up group.count me in
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    Mother & Toddler Group

    re mother and toddler group hi would be very interested in helping set up toddler group count me in