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    recommend a Childminder?

    Hi all, We are currently looking at options for childminding for when I return to work from maternity leave in Oct/Nov. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a childminder in the area who takes infants. It will prob be 3.5 or 4 days per week we will need her minded. Cheers, Eimear
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    Whats our local parish church?

    Hi neighbours, I'm wondering what our parish church is? Hoping to get our daughter christened in May and would like to christen her in our local parish church, just wondering which one it is? Thanks :) Eimear
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    Management Fee 09

    Hi all, Does anyone know when our mgmt fees are due for 09? Are they paid on the anniversary of when we moved in or is there a calendar date they are due? Cheers. Eims
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    Has anyone snagged in PW yet? If so how did ya get on?
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    Developer: Liberty Homes

    Liberty Homes Tel: 01 2946180
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    Blanchardstown Library

    Blanchardstown Library Civic Centre Blanchardstown Centre Dublin 15 Tel: 8905560/8905563 Fax: 8905573 Email:
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    Fingal: Register of Electors

    Voting Register Details: