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    smell coming from their water?

    I did notice some bad taste with a slight odour a couple of weeks back for a day or 2. I thought it might have been due to the building works for the school. but it seems fine to me now.
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    Car Thefts

    Honestly - you can't be serious? If Keenan did move it then it's a good thing. Shows they are not willing to tolerate cars being left abandoned, and do something about it. What makes you think you have the right to leave cars lying around unused in much needed car parking spaces anyhow...
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    Car Thefts

    Hi, Sorry to hear about your bad news everyone. If your car had 3 flat tyres its prob a good thing it was lifted as it's obviously not being used? How long was it there? Save you getting it moved :) Seriously though, I think everyone should keep an eye out and not leave anything to...