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    HSQ Cafe Bush

    It looks like "someone" decided to nick one of the potted trees from outside the Hibernia Building and plonk it outside the HSQ Cafe to make it look somewhat less sterile. pig lipstick
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    Jump Start needed ( I have cables) Carpark -2

    Hi - if someone has 5 minutes to spare - I just need to get my car jump started - sometime in the next day or two... I left a light on inside so battery ran down :eek: I have the cables and know what to do (+ / - , etc.), if someone could pull up beside my car for a minute or 2. if you can I'd...
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    Rhatigan Meeting: Post Mortem

    First off - congrats to slimshady for the detailed and accurate minutes, some of which I've borrowed here... It's been a couple of weeks now since that meeting. Just want to go through a few of the things Rhatigans, SuperQuinn and Dalkia "promised". Some are due later in the year, which is...
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    Apartment Furnishing

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for suppliers / installers of wooden blinds? thanks