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    Where do we collect packages?

    Duh! Don't bother going to collection office in Dolphin's Barn !!! - get them sent to your name, apt no, c/o HSQ Management Suite. They'll hold it for you A lot easier.
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    HSQ Cafe Bush

    It looks like "someone" decided to nick one of the potted trees from outside the Hibernia Building and plonk it outside the HSQ Cafe to make it look somewhat less sterile. pig lipstick
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    Yeah thanks for the summary - all the docs to view on it are here Reducing the height of the partially constructed lift shift on St. John's road and putting some advertising panels and a HSQ sign on it, ( that slab of concrete is like a monument to the Recession. There should be a Berlin...
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    Jump Start needed ( I have cables) Carpark -2

    let me know - I'll be around for a while now - out for a bit , then back later
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    Jump Start needed ( I have cables) Carpark -2

    Thanks very much for your offer rymus. I eventually got sorted!
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    Jump Start needed ( I have cables) Carpark -2

    Hi - if someone has 5 minutes to spare - I just need to get my car jump started - sometime in the next day or two... I left a light on inside so battery ran down :eek: I have the cables and know what to do (+ / - , etc.), if someone could pull up beside my car for a minute or 2. if you can I'd...
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    Problems with post

    I got a package to be sent to c/o HSQ Management Information Centre, with my apt no below it : so I wouldn't have to go up to James' St to collect it What happened?..... You guessed right I get a docket from An Post saying they tried to deliver it to me, but it's available to be collected from...
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    Leaking rubbish bags on the way to Bin Area

    i bet it was jedward.
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    Problems with post

    postman sometimes delivers mail in the wrong box
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    Any sign of Superquinn?

    Manager: Glen Myers Telephone: 1850 44 44 88 Email:
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    Dalkia Bills

    Same thing here - all my payments were made and up to date... Got a shouting letter with my bill Payment OVERDUE Pay immediately , etc After trawling through my bank details from last year - what a waste of time and several emails ( it takes them at least 24 hours to reply ) they...
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    Rhatigan Meeting: Post Mortem

    First off - congrats to slimshady for the detailed and accurate minutes, some of which I've borrowed here... It's been a couple of weeks now since that meeting. Just want to go through a few of the things Rhatigans, SuperQuinn and Dalkia "promised". Some are due later in the year, which is...
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    A proposal to Rhatigans

    wheel spins a plenty for me's ridiculous
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    A proposal to Rhatigans

    Another point on the St. John's Road exit from the carpark : there's a big annoying pothole that's been there for months now.... It would not take much time or effort to sort this out. Thought that's the sort of thing I paid my management fee for....
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    I saw where another eejit had dumped about 3 full and unopened sixpacks of bottled Guinness ( complete in plastic bags and cardboard wrapping!) into the brown glass recycling bin. The ignorance gene is still thriving obviously.
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    Any sign of Superquinn?

    Staff parking shouldn't be a big deal. eh...would've expected the access thing would have been thought about / discussed or agreed before this ??! btw forgive my ignorance, but who's "William" ?
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    A proposal to Rhatigans

    Should be called "Caché" property management...
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    Apartment Furnishing

    thanks - yeah I'm going with them....
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    Dalkia Bills

    Yeah me too, my previous bill was low 30's for 2 months and bill today is above 70 ?. I didn't put on radiators that much at all over the last 2 months. I was quite surprised to be honest.. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the thermostat settings which I rejigged slightly. Forgive...
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    A proposal to Rhatigans the updated doesn't work / display in the Firefox web browser ( 25% of the world uses this !) That's really pretty shoddy :eek: - especially if they're trying to attract any additional tenants / retail outlets