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    I intend objecting to the modification of a residential home on Beechfield Place being turned into a fully operating creche. This house is located in a fully residential cul-de-sac that is not suitible for additional traffic. There are many local children that play on and around this...
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    boiler and heating sytem

    hi Does anyone know if it is possible to use the boiler to heat water only, without heating the radiators? I have a Vokara Mynute 16a boiler in my house.
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    front for fire

    hi I never received a front grate on my fire when buying my house, but now want to install a gas fire. Up till now, I've had no fire. Any suggestions where to get a front grate that matches the fire surround in the house. Also any recommendations on gas fires to buy / not to buy? thanks
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    Dog found 2nd Dec Beechfield

    Hi I saw a dog wandering around all day, so took it in. It is beige/light brown, could be a labrador. No collar or name tag.