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    67 to turn in Moyglare Hall

    Anyone any feelings on this? Wouldn't be too hot on the idea myself, lots of kids around and the noise could prove to be a nuisance. There's also the chance the estate could become an unofficial "park and ride", especially as there doesn't seem to be anything happening with the centre of the...
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    Train Car Park

    You'd want to be down there before 7 to be sure to get a space in the actual station car park. it's fairly slim pickings after that. I usually use the harbour access road though.fairly OK over there til about 7:20 or so. Having said that they are doing some road works on that road right now...
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    NTL are now running 20Mb broadband in Moyglare hall. they've finished laying the new cables. As afar as I can remember there's a package that gives you your TV, phone (and off peak calls) and 20Mb broadband for something like €75 a month.