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    The Green Area at ''The Green''

    Apologies for the late reply to this message. You are right it was a disgrace the way the Green was being treated. As everyone knows, there was a major clean up through out the whole estate in mid Oct, with a large write up in the local paper. This problem was being caused by young people...
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    Improve Lakepoint - Whats your suggestion

    Again the issue of a playground for Lakepoint children has been raised. The green area (between The Park, The Green and The Close) seems the obvious choice. What is your view point on this, would you like swings, slides etc?
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    general upkeep of the green areas

    The general up keep of the green areas has improved over the last two years. You will have noticed since the new Residents Committee was installed earlier this year, there has been an exceptional increase in the up keep. For example the green area (between The Park, The Green and The...
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    Next Meeting

    Agm The EGM took place last night, the new structure was presented and approved and nominations for the various roles were made. The AGM is taking place 8.00pm Tuesday 9th June in St Lomans GAA club. We need a large turnout on the night as the serious issues identified at the EGM will be...
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    Next Meeting

    Hi Lakepoint Residents, As you are now aware the next Residents Association meeting is an EGM, which will be held in St. Lomans at 8.00pm on Tuesday 26th May. As with all residents meetings, it is important that we get a good turnout, a new structure that will simplify and I believe will...
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    Parking on the roads in Lakepoint

    Tilley, It is a big problem, but one that is caused by poor or inconsiderate parking, every house has a drive way that can park at least one car, but Lakepoint is a multi-car household estate. The builder did not consider this. The only thing people can do is encourage visitors to park...
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    Next Meeting

    Meeting? Hi all fellow Lakepoint residents, By looking in this website, I noticed that there were some issues raised with the residents committee in the past, (speed bumps needed, resurfacing of the roads etc), these issues have been dealt with. At the moment, the residents committee has...
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    Next Meeting

    Residents Committee Residents, The residents committee has be noticeable by its absence in 2008, I know some of the committee members will be meeting to gauge the appetite for a residents committee in the near future. If you are interested in getting involved, send me a private message...
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    I know the residents committee arranges some events during the year, this usually includes some form of summer party. Hughbie
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    Snapped trees & parked lorries

    Agreed, we have no rights here, but as this was an idea raised as part of the residents objections to the new link road and it is reasonable, (who needs to be in the commerical estate at 2am?), why not! As you mentioned, you can hear cars and you live in the Green, so the people in the Close...
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    Snapped trees & parked lorries

    Tilley, I have not heard it recently, but sometimes the N4 can be heard in the Green. I fear that it is boy racers up in the commerical estate, this was one of the reasons for the residents uproar about the planning application to put an entrance into the commerical estate from the...
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    Snapped trees & parked lorries

    I agree that the road markings are a bit OTT, the speed bumps I believe were essential. As for trucks parking in Lakepoint, this is I think is unacceptable. I am not sure if the people driving the trucks are residents of Lakepoint. Even if they are, it is still unfair to everyone to park...
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    Snapped trees & parked lorries

    Tilley, I also live in the Green, but do not know who is destroying the trees. As for the trucks, this is a recurring problem and one that as an association, we need to resolve. Have you noticed the new metal poles, any idea what they are for? Maybe for signs on the road, "Children at...
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    Cars misbehaving on the main road through the estate

    Tilley, I am not sure when the next meeting is going to take place, I assume it will be the first Tuesday of Feb. To get involved, just come along on the evening, I will post further details as soon as I have them. Hughbie
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    Cars misbehaving on the main road through the estate

    Tilley, Unfortunately, Anita is right, it does happen. As you are in the Green, you may have noticed the speed some cars travel, while passing the exit from the Green onto the main route through the estate. I am in the Green and somes times you put your life at risk pulling out of the...
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    Christmas Party Time again

    Christmas party time Kids party will be held on Sat 22nd Dec in St Lomans GAA Club, to ensure it is a great day for the kids, please advise how many you will be bringing, so we can get enough supplies. Father Christmas will be there at 2.30pm!!!!
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    Next Meeting

    Tilley, The roads will be the last item completed by the developer, but they have carried out more work on the road in the Green since you raised the issue. I think this work makes it look and feel better.
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    Next Meeting

    Anita, When this issue was raised before the reason given why we do not have speed bumps is that the road is not finished and the developer is not obliged to finish the road until Lakepoint is completed, so we may be talking years. However, I will raise the issue at the next meeting and...
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    New to Lakepoint

    Tilley, The easiest and best way to get involved is to come to the next meeting. Hughbie
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    new resident in the park, lakepoint

    Next meeting 4th Dec Apologies about the confusion about the next meeting date, it was not agreed at the last meeting, but I can confirm that there will be a meeting on 4th Dec. Hughbie