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    Hi, does anybody know if i can knock through the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom at back of kitchen? Is it a structural wall? We want to extend the kitchen.
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    Hi All Over the last 4 years I have had issues with the shaws both front and back of my house. It seems to come in spurts blocking and unblocking over that time. The last few weeks has got as bad as it ever has been, so I bought rods and we tried to unblock it ourselves, but to no avail. I...
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    Building work

    I would also like to add that in light of the building work commencing behind us, some of the kids from this estate think its quite acceptable to walk along peoples back walls as a short cut to their houses, from the school. Is there anything that anyone knows off that can be put on the wall...
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    Car Parking

    Would the residents comittee kindly have a word with the staff at Cocoon Creche please. Most evenings coming home from work, I nearly go head on with a car coming out of the estate, (i dont drive fast) because the parents cant be bothered parking in the designated car park, and decide to park...
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    Hi All Just wanna bring to your attention a few problems that are going on regards vandalism. There's a group of kids dont know exactly who they are, i have a feeling a couple of them are from this estate and neighbouring estates. For the past 2 weeks ive had kids banging my door down, and...
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    Car Thefts

    Hi My car was broken into on Monday night, just a note to people be very careful and take everything out of the car when you lock it up at night. The little swines even raided my penny drawer and emptied it completely!! :mad:
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    Site Manager

    Hi Peoples Does anyone or has anyone seen Robbie Melley around the estate, im trying in vain to hold of him on his mobile. but he 's not answering my calls and its getting a bit annoying at this stage, does anyone have an alternative number from the one i have (086 6088508)
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    Broken Boiler and Lack of Water in Rads

    Hi All Is anybody having similar problems in their houses? The water pump in the attic is not generating enough water to flush all my 3 toilets properly and its not heating the rads in any of the bedrooms and the hall. Sitting room and kitchen seem to be fine. I have bled the rads but to...