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    Wireless Broadband Anyone able to get Wireless Broadband in the Estate? Would rather not get a landline. What are the options? I hear Chorus also offer a Wireless Broadband Package with Cable. Has anyone opted for this service? Thanks...
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    Eircom connection

    Sky As far as I know Sburs , you no longer need to have a phone line to install Sky. Other alternative is Chorus - you don't need a landline for that and can have multiple connections without paying the price of additional boxes like with Sky
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    What stage is your house at?

    Snag Will let you know once I do my snag - due to be called any day now. Guess they are in a rush to get the snags called before Christmas :o
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    Showhouse For Sale

    They were put back on the Market by the Builder - they are only being released now...
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    Phase 2

    Guess you'll be in in the next 4 weeks then Tina. Is the Painting the last thing to be done? Is all the 2nd fitting done in your house? Kitchen, Electrics etc.. Has anyone on this Forum got their keys? How long from painting did you get them?
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    What stage is your house at?

    Hi Guys, We bought on the Avenue and its meant to be ready in November. All houses are to be handed over before Christmas!