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    Rust and leak in radiator

    The radiator in my living room in my living room appears to have developed a bit of a leak at the base below the control knob. There is also a lot of rust there. From what I can see from googling, this looks as if it could be a big job, perhaps involving the radiator being replaced. My other...
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    No reply from Wyse after hours number

    There is no lighting in the common areas of at least one of the cores in The Waxworks. Even more worryingly, the fire detector system is also down. There is no response from Wyse's emergency number. The second day over the Christmas there has been no response. Does anybody know how they are...
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    Smoke detectors

    Smoke alarm in hall is beeping, so the battery obviously needs to be changed. This is the one I have. I gather that I don't need a screwdriver to get the top off but I'm meeting with some resistance and don't want to force it. Does it twist off or pull off? Does a cover come off or does...
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    Extractor fan in bathroom has stopped working

    Does anybody know if this is possibly something I could rectify myself or is it a job for an electrician? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Dogs in bungalow beside bridge

    It's after 2.00 in the morning and I've been awakened, yet again, by the howling of the dogs down there. I love dogs but these two have me driven demented. They never seem to be let into the house and bark or howl all night and day. Is this causing a problem for anybody else?
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    Light fittings in kitchen and hall

    I need to change one each of these. Could somebody please tell me how to do this. Thanks. I managed the over-counter lights in the kitchen. Go, me!
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    White Parakeet Found

    Saw this on another website.
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    The All New Hot Water Thread

    I want to get the hot water sorted out once and for all. I managed to figure out the central heating with the help of some posters here. Many thanks for that. I've been using the immersion for hot water (I know, I know) but have got an unacceptably high bill and am going to have to start...
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    Phase 1, Pelletstown

    Just noticed this: Last day for observations is 30 January 2009.
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    Bus No 120

    Good news. From today (Sunday) the 120 is terminating at the off licence beside the roundabout.
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    Local An Post sorting office

    I need to collect a parcel. Could somebody please advise exactly where the sorting office is? Many thanks.
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    New Off-Licence

    I see the off-licence has opened. It's called (O'Brien's) Carry Out. From what I gather it's nothing to do with O'Brien's Wines but a franchise of the Carry Out group. I presume the franchisee of this particular branch is called O'Brien. The wine seems to be a bit on the dear side from...
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    Just spotted this

    DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL Castlethorn Construction intend to apply for permission at this site for alterations and change of use to permitted retail unit no. 3 within Block K, `The River Centre', of the overall development permitted under Planning Reg. Ref. 4289/00 (An Bord Pleanála Ref. PL29N.126649)...
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    Interested in The Village

    It looks like a lovely development. Are there any apartments left for sale there and, if so, what sort of prices? Also, what are the management fees? I was wondering what sort of building work is going into the north and east sides of the development. Any other general information would...