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    Timber flooring - Under floor heating

    I have been getting different feedback from timber floor fitter on the right way to fix semi solid to the concrete floor with underfloor heating. Some say the only way to do it for the heating to function is to glue directly. Others say laying a float is the only way. Anyone have same problem...
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    Trading up to move to Castlerock

    Anyone out there caught in the selling game. Since McDowell mentioned that stamp we have been caught in a time warp. Finger crossed we can get Sale Agreed next week. Feb supposed to change. We have even dropped our original guide price by 15K. Double mortgages looming.
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    Phase 2

    :eek: I heard that Castlerock has loads more phases which includes amenities. Any ideas.
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    Anyone know how the Crescent progress is going. Contractor will not say. Anyone been down there in sept.