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    Toxic smell

    Is anyone getting a toxic smell in their appartment/house at the moment? Or feeling drowsy or tired or have headaches from a heavy air in the appartment?
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    Corporate regulator warns over property firms

    Corporate regulator warns over property firms -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corporate regulator warns over property firms 12 December 2006 14:18 Thousands of apartment owners risk...
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    Management Company Contact

    Fisher Property Management Phone: 01 8261006 Main Contact as at 8/12/2006: Jason Mc Nelis
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    Water Leaks

    Can anyone add to this post - I had a leak in my kitchen at the mains. However, the plumber and the builder are denying responsibility - one blaming the other. I also had leak in the bathroom - but as my own plumber didn't touch this area there wasn't an issue except to fix it (in this...
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    Local Restaurant - D7

    I was at the Gary Rhodes restaurant a few weeks ago.... never again. Anyone got some ideas on where the good restaurants are? I tried the lemon grass on the nevin road - and I wouldn't recommend that either. I love the Green Chilli down in Stoney Batter though.
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    Flooding in Car Park

    Has anyone had any contact with the management company on this and update us here as to what you have been told. I have contacted them once on the flooding and was told it was in hand. But clearly it isn't.
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    Automated Gates - move aerial

    Hi - I have done some investigation regarding the automated gates and the fact that they do not open unless you use the clicker up close to the gates. I called Electro Automation (the company that services out complex) and they said that there is an easy fix by moving the aerial further off...
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    Introduce yourself

    Hi, I figured this would be a good place to introduce ourselves. Up to you how much info. you give out about yourself. I'm originally from Wexford. I moved to Dublin about 11 years ago and spend a few years here in the Drumcondra area. Then I moved to the Netherlands for about 5 years and...
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    Mangement Fees & Service Charges Levied on Owners of Property in Multi-Unit Dwellings

    Hi, If anyone wants a copy of this report (produced by the National Consumer agency) let me know. Table of Contents: Introduction Structure of the Property Management Sector International Experience Legal and Regulatory Issues Consumer Issues and Consumer Checklist...
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    Property Management Companies And You

    Hi, If anyone needs a copy of the 'Property Management Companies and You' report just email me and I'll send you a copy. Table of Contents: Introduction Buying an Apartment: what you need to know How does a management company work What do property 'Management Agents' do...
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    Management Company accounts submitted to CRO

    Hi, As you know the Bradogue complex has a management company called Fisher Properties. This company manages our accounts through a company called Cherrymount Management Limited. If you want to see any document posted to the Company Registration Office please let me know and I will email...
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    Best pint of guinness

    Hey - lets kick off with the most important question - where can you get the best pint of guinness in the area? Within walking distance! My vote goes to Walshes in Stoneybatter.