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  1. abrown15

    Post and Phone

    Is anyone else not getting post at the moment? We have not had a single letter for nearly 2 weeks!! Also I note that all the phones are out today!
  2. abrown15

    Linn Corr

    See the new development has been launched!! I got the prices and I don't want to post them in case I heard the lady at the wrong on the telephone - see pretty expensive to me!!
  3. abrown15

    Play Park

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a kids play park somewhere in the village? Anyone know how we could get the council to build one?
  4. abrown15

    Good Rumours!

    Heard a rumour the other day that the old Abernethy's Ford garage was sold - the yard part for houses and the Old Court House (The old showroom) is going to be a Restaurant - guess we will have to wait and see!!
  5. abrown15

    Castlemartyr & More!!

    Although this forum is presently called Bridgetown - it would make sense that anyone who lives in Castlemartyr, Ladysbridge or Mogeely should post here. There will be a lot happening in these villages over the coming months and years, so it would be nice to be able to share the gossip!
  6. abrown15

    Broadband in Castlemartyr

    Okay - we all know that Castlemartyr in not on a DSL enabled exchange - doe anyone know if this will happen? Would also be interested to hear if anyone is using one of the wireless broadband servies.
  7. abrown15

    Welcome all!!

    Welcome - I guess I am the first person the post in the Bridgetown forum then. Hopefully some more people will join soon!!