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  1. abrown15

    Just bought my house...

    Hiya janouse - have you moved in yet? There is much happening - big thing is the Centra!! Then one day we may even get a by-pass for the village too!! Welcome to Castlemartyr!!
  2. abrown15

    Post and Phone

    All I can find on the Planning Web site is 065908 which states :- Alterations and change of use of dwellinghouse to retail shop, construction of new surgery unit with 1 no. apartment over, provision of 6 no. car parking spaces and ancillary works But it says it was a split decision (what...
  3. abrown15

    Post and Phone

    Post and Mail now back to normal!! Good news on the Centra!! Have you heard any dates for construction to start?
  4. abrown15

    Post and Phone

    Is anyone else not getting post at the moment? We have not had a single letter for nearly 2 weeks!! Also I note that all the phones are out today!
  5. abrown15


    There is a new planning application - 07/4563. As far as I know the council will not reject an application just because there is an exisiting business - it is not their job to regulate competition!! I think the biggest hurdle will be depedning on what frontage they want to put on the shop -...
  6. abrown15

    Linn Corr

    mmm - 425,000 for a corner house that over looks the Castlemartyr waste treatment plant!! I do like the balcony and the fllor to roof windows though - still I do think the price is a bit steep!
  7. abrown15

    Linn Corr

    See the new development has been launched!! I got the prices and I don't want to post them in case I heard the lady at the wrong on the telephone - see pretty expensive to me!!
  8. abrown15


    Welcome King of the Castle - so we are getting a cafe!! My missus told me that it was the old shop futher up that was going to be the cafe, but I am not sure where she gets her info :) Is it going to be a Spar now and not a Centra?
  9. abrown15


    Hiya newie - welcome!! Yeah - just what does coming soon mean????
  10. abrown15

    Community Council

    Got the newsletter today and yes I think it is a great idea to link to this site - would be nice to actually have a lot more people from the village posting on here.
  11. abrown15

    Community Council

    Hey Mark - any news from the community council?
  12. abrown15

    Speedramps 2

    Kate - I merged the 2 threads you started and made them a sticky so they will stay at the top. It is a shame we have to resort to speed ramps to get people to slow down - even crazier is the way some people speed from ramp to ramp!!
  13. abrown15

    Community Council

    Well we are now offically the Castlemartyr forum!! Mark can you drum up support with the other council members - this might even be a good way of people getting feedback to them if it is more widely know about!!
  14. abrown15

    Broadband in Castlemartyr

    Oh Mark, you lucky thing!! I am going to wait just now though - There was a press release last December that the Castlemartyr exchange will be DSL upgraded sometime in 2007. For any big downloads I tend to use my PC at work!
  15. abrown15

    Good Rumours!

    Yep - it did turn out to be a false rumour (as most seem to be!!) - guess we will just have to settle for the Centra for the moment!
  16. abrown15

    Welcome all!!

    Indeed number 3!! Number 2 doesn't really count as it is my wife!!
  17. abrown15

    Community Council

    Hi Mark Good to know we have a rep now!! Welcome to the forum - been a bit lonely up till now - what do you think about trying to get this site address in the next newsletter?? I can also request that the forum name is changed to Castlemartyr - might get a few more people invovled - what...
  18. abrown15


    I have also heard very good things about utvinternet - I currently use them for my dial up - when the exchange I am on get upgraded later this year, I will more than likely stick with them.
  19. abrown15

    Eircom connection

    You can opt out from the landline now - I think that it costs a nominal fee (or is used to, just that Sky never really made this very well known!!) - Also, if you are moving your Sky account from your old address and have had it for over 12 months, you also don't need a landline - when I moved...
  20. abrown15

    What stage is your house at?

    There are lots of people standing around on the site not much evidence of much work though!! The recruitment has already started for senior management and I know that they are also looking for validation people.