Anything happening in Kilcock?


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Does anybody know of anything exciting happening in Kilcock over the next couple of weeks? I feel like we are missing out on things happening in town?:eek:


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I believe the drama club are recruiting for there panto if you fancy that. the university is starting up again in maynooth so it should be good crack midweek for the freshers week. All the pubs will have specials on. the canoe polo team have started up adult classes on monday 7.30 for complete beginners - i'm doing it, its great fun.
A great way of keeping up to date is getting the free sheet from the gaa club - it also has a gym and caters for lots of other sports.
If your into hockey, rugby, cricket, tennis or squash - the north kildare club on the maynooth road caters for all that- check out their website.
The free local paper is available - the garage is the best place to get it though. Kilcock's not a party town by a long shot but their is a good website for the town giving contact numbers for different groups.
If your doing nothing on sun, head to dunboyne and check out the classic cars and bikes.


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Things to do in Kilcock

Thanks for that information. I don't think the drama is my thing but good to know its there as it means they must show plays etc...could be fun to go to!!
I will definatley check out the free newspaper in the garage and the info leaflet in the GAA.
So kilcock seems like a busy town if you know where to look.

Thanks a mil for the info.