Badly Needed


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Hi, I think the following nees to be done inthe immediate area of the Meadows and pretty soon. Maybe you have other items to add here also:

1. Public lighting in the estate needs to be fixed and in working order for the winter.
2. The 'green' areas within the estate badly need to be landscaped by the developer before handover to the county council. Also an agreement on who maintains the estate green areas to be done between the developer and the council.The residents should not ahve to pay for a number of years until there are some amenities in estate.
3. Pedestrian access from the rear of the estate to the village is a must. We need to agree future walking access near the community centre from the rear green.
4. The rear green needs to be landscaped urgently. I would suggest a communal garden be designed and created with the help of all the residents and the council. Any other ideas please let me know!!
5. General site clean up required by the developer as it currently looks like a ghetto in parts especially those not suitably finished.
6. A dedicated recycle zone/bin area for the village of Belgooly is badly needed. Currently you have to drive to Kinsale or Ballyfeard both which are a minimum return journey of 12Km.People should be able to walk to the recycling centre inthe local area!!
7. Just outside the estate onthe main road a traffic island and better road lighting is required. A single white line should also apply to the road as there is now a loty of traffic turning in and out of the estates and vehicles on the main road are often seen overtaking and speeding in the village. There will be a serious accident here some day involving a vehicle entering or leaving the estate and vehicles onthe R600.
8. A pedestrain crossing is also required in the village near the church. The traffic is just travelling too fast here and it needs to be slowed down!


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Work Needed on park

Hi Ken,
Read your post with interest, One thing that does annoy me is the road surface on the way into the park just off the main road. Its like a rollercoaster and needs another layer of tarmac. I think a residents committee is a good idea to address these concerns. Speaking of our new local FF TD - Christy. He promised that if he was elected he would return to the meadows. Haven't seen him YET. Lets test his sincerity and after a committee is set up bring him down and see what he can do.
coincidentally does anyone else have problems with their guttering. I have been on to richie the foreman about my place and he says he will be down as there are others who need similar work done. But as usual its hard to track him down. If we can get him to bring a crew down and do them all in one go.


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Would be totally against point 3. I personally don't want the green area to be accessible from the main road and potentially became a hanging out area, particularly as its hidden from the houses, and all this to save a short walk of a couple of minutes.