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Hello fellow neighbours!

Im living in Temple Lawns, and Id like to get the internet. Derek Power in KPM told me I cant get anything attached to the roof, and that NTL were the only people he could suggest I use. Of course we all know how crap they are- and anyway they dont cover Santry, so does anyone know how I can get broadband in to my apt???:confused:



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Hi Clodagh and fellow Northwooder!:)

I'm infiltrating into here again, hope you don't mind.. But have you tried Eircom or Magnet?

NTL, Eircom and Magnet are wired into Parklands and I think Lymewood Mews so they *do* cover Santry and in particular Northwood. Don't mind what Derek Power is telling you.;) It might take a bit of extra wiring but they do cover the area.

There are other options like Smart, who I personally wouldn't touch as a friend of mine is moving into a development where they are the sole provider and the service is pretty shoddy to say the least. I've heard bad stories of IBB too.

I think NTL, Eircom or Magnet would be your best options.

Btw there was a good thread on the Northwood form with other people from Temple Court, Lymewood, Parklands, Geraldstown Woods etc contributing their thoughts etc.

Here's the thread

Also there's a few others in Temple Lawns reading the Northwood forum too as well as people from Carrington, Heywood Court, Temple Court, Lymewood Mews and Parklands.

You'll be able to post to it as well, just like I can post here.:D


Hope that helps!:)