Calor Gas


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I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a substantial fluctuation over the past few months in their calor gas bill. Our last bill was 5 times the amount we usually get!!!!! I contacted calor and they claim we've not had a proper bill since January yet I have two bills which I've paid since January!!!

Anyone else in the same boat??:confused:


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Yes, we have had major problems with Calor Gas!! They seem to be sending increase price letters every month because it looks like there prices are going up and up and there seems to be nothing we can do about it! We had war with them because we kept ringing looking for our bills and eventually 6 months later we received a bill for €700.00!!!!! Actually we got a statement for this amount - no bill!!!!!! We were fuming!! After two months of phone calls to and fro we were told we were quoted at the higher price by mistake and our bill was actually €598.00. We got no satisfaction from them and its only in the last week that we eventually got it sorted by speaking to a manager. The managers name is Suzanne and she is very helpful so if you have problems give her a call. Hope that helps!! :)

A very frustrated Calor Gas customer!!