Car Thefts


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My car was broken into on Monday night, just a note to people be very careful and take everything out of the car when you lock it up at night. The little swines even raided my penny drawer and emptied it completely!! :mad:


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sorry to hear about your car gemma, it happened me last year and it's VERY frustrating!!

my sisters car disappeared today! the battery was dead and it had 3 flat tyres so i can't see kids joyriding too far in it...

rang the gardai and they hadn't lifted it either... so we're waiting on them to arrive to make a statement!



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Sorry to hear about your bad news everyone.

If your car had 3 flat tyres its prob a good thing it was lifted as it's obviously not being used? How long was it there? Save you getting it moved :)

Seriously though, I think everyone should keep an eye out and not leave anything to chance. With so many people passing through our estate using it as a shortcut, we are bound to get many incidents of this type.


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it doesn't matter if it's sitting on bricks and hasn't moved for a year... if it belongs to someone living in PW then noody has the right to move it. waiting to hear back from the gardai but we think it was Keenan who took it... illigally, I might add.

I'll keep you posted x


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Honestly - you can't be serious?
If Keenan did move it then it's a good thing. Shows they are not willing to tolerate cars being left abandoned, and do something about it.

What makes you think you have the right to leave cars lying around unused in much needed car parking spaces anyhow? You don't own the estate just because you live there!

I work in a garage, how about I bring in some of the clapped out broken cars from my garage and park them in every available parking space? Because that effectively is what you have done. I used to rent in tyrellstown and the place was full of cars parked all over the place with burst tyres. Great for the value of the place!

We are tight for spaces, so it's only fair to leave spaces free with cars that actually work.

Anyhow, the most important thing is ensuring there are no more robberies and to lock up everything properly.


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I don't lay claim to the estate just because i live here but I'd like to think I can park a car without fear of it being taken.

where do you suggest I park it??

the space it was parked in hasn't been used since the car disappeared so it wasn't taking up your valuable parking space anyway.

apart from the flat tyres the car is in good nik so I really couldn't see it dragging town the value of the area. when we get it back it will be parked right back where it was taken from.

however, if you are selling your house and you feel it's affecting the selling price, feel free to hide it in your garage for a couple of hours... or you could ring the gardai and see if they have any suggestions for you.