Carrigmore Domain AGM 2008

It's that time of year again, all owners in Carrigmore Domain should have received the AGM notice this week. Please turn up and we will answer any queries you may have.


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Hi Just moved to Carrigmore Cresent in the last few months...Just wondering when the AGM is on for Carrigmore as we received no notification and would like to go


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I never received a notice. Can you tell me when this is on and where please??? Thank You :confused:
Hi all,

The AGM is for Carrigmore Domain management company, that is the "older" duplexes and apartments in Carrigmore. It's only for the owners (shareholders) and they should have received notification of it already.

Carrigmore Crescent has its own management company which is a seperate entity, and so will run it's own AGMs. I have no contact details for the board of directors but if they want to use this website they're more than welcome! Same for Carrigmore West and any other relevant groups in the estate.

There really is no mechanism currently for everyone from Carrigmore, owners and residents, to get together to discuss any issues. The closest was the meetings about the green space planning permission last year. We tried to set up Neighbourhood Watch a few years ago but the Gardai weren't very helpful. If anyone has any ideas on how we could do this better then shout!


I haven't received any info on the AGM 2008 and was just wondering has anybody else? Unfortunately my holidays ran concurrently with the AGM for the last two years and I missed out.I have a lot to say and i'm sure alot to listen to.