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My Car was clamped yesterday. It was parked near the entrance to Block 1 beside the spaces for parking(along the wall, not blocking anyone). What eats me is that other cars were and have been parked there for long periods of time during, before and after my car was parked in the same area..yet my car was the only car that was clamped...and at 2am. So someone reported it.
I feel there is no consistency to the rules here. Fair enough if all the cars were clamped but mine was the only one at that time that was clamped?
My car has never been parked anywhere other than a car parking space I have in the underground car park. I decided not to park it underground on Monday night because my mechanic was collecting it at 7:30 am. This was the first time it was parked there. I understand if you break the rules you get punished but why was my car the only one clamped, when quite visibly there were quite a number of other cars in the same "no parking area" parked. Am I missing out on something here. Is there a contact I can speak to from a residence committee to discuss? I am utterly disgusted