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Hi there,
I have recently purchased an apartment in the coast. We have not signed the completion notice and we have not moved in. We are offically stuck re legal and everything else. I was wondering if anyone else is in my situation as in,have puchased but not moved in or completed the deal just yet.
I am extreamly stressed and frustrated about the whole thing. We are sick to death of the whole pyrite issue and we just wnat to know if anyone else is in our situation where you have not moved in yet or completed. I think the majority of people on this forum have completed and moved in...... which is prob a lot worse than our own situation especially people with young families etc etc . If anyone else is in the same situation as myself could you PM me .



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I have purchased and not yet completed. Are you looking to get out of the contract or is it just frustration over the delay? If I was living there now like a high percentage of people on the forum I would be as mad as hell with the sh*t that they are currently going through. But I've had some moments in regard wanting to get out of the deal, but I've had a good think about it:

1) do you want to live in the area?
2) if you were to get out of the deal, where do you think you could move that would be a better option (i.e. transport links etc)
3) and most importantly from my perspective, is this a home or an investment? if it's an investment, yes do your best to get out of the contract but if no, if everything is done right following this pyrite nightmare it's going to be a great place to live (well I hope anyway!).

Once we signed those contracts, you have no come back.....its a pain in the backside but unfortunately that's how it is.

Nanche 2

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Hi There ,
Thanks a mill for the response. To be honest its an investment. We were trying to get on the property ladder and look where that got us :) But anywhooo its just the lack of communication re time scale etc that is adding the stress . I have moved out of rentel accomodation and stayin with Friends for now which is great but not ideal either. I am counting myself lucky that we have not moved in yet ....... i really feel for all of those who have to put up with the sh*t day in and and out over there with people from menolly. They are in a far worse position that we will ever be. But then again I dont want to sound morbid or anything soooo i really do hope everything works out for everyone in the coast . The location is brilliant , apartment is great.

Best of luck with everything