Collins Square, Benburb Street, Dublin 7


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Collins Square is a small development of some 80 mainly owner occupied and unique apartments in Benburb Street, Dublin 7, beside the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks. I am delighted to be living there. The complex is very well run and maintained. Wyse are the Property Managers engaged by a very active Management Company. Lots of the maintainable work is carried out by voluntary groups in the community e.g. The Gardening Committee. Its a wonderful place to live with a real sense of community. The Management Company run a tight ship and Collins Square is not a place to infringe litter rules or for parties. Noise which is strictly controlled does tend to echo in the its courtyard. However, the fact that residents respect each other and that the complex is well supervised is a really added bonus. It would be good to hear how other apartment communities operate.