Communal areas, lift, refuse store etc.


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I dont know if anyone else in this development is on these forums, if so, get in touch.
The maintenance of this apartment block is a joke. The lift has been out of service for months now. The rubbish in the refuse store is allowed to build up to unacceptable levels before it is collected. The bins become full, so then there is nowhere else to place rubbish other than on the flloor, which then builds up over time. If the people in charge really want another fire in the underground carpark, then they are going the right way about it with all that rubbish lying there.
Surely this is a health and safety risk.
The stairs and hallways are filthy, and alot of it is due to the many children running around dropping their litter everywhere.
I'm not sure when the cleaner is meant to be here but its not often enough.
I rent my apartment so unfortunately I'm not in a position to complain directly to the management company. I susupect this is the case in this development, most people rent so the Management Company think they can get away with not doing thier job.
If there is an existing residents association, I would really like to know how to become apart of it and what its doing about the current situation.