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I live in The View and am wondering if anyone in the complex has a big problem with condensation on their windows. I open the windows every day but am getting serious damp problems on the walls surrounding the windows (yellow spots etc). I don't seem to see anyone else with condensation around me. Is it a problem with my apartment specifically or has anyone has this problem and was able to fix it?

Please I'm desperate:confused:


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Yeah i have the same problem with my patio door.
Get a cotton bud and clean underneath the door were the bristles are.its mad how manky it gets.


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You're not alone - I'd say most apartments in the development have it - it's generally a combination of poor ventilation and or lack of insulation etc. I'd say it's the former. It's generally present in the morning and mostly in the bedroom which is common enough - without stating the obvious, when it happens make sure to wipe glass down and open the windows to aid ventilation. Ensure the existing wall vents are not blocked with a cloth or newspaper from a previous owner or tenant - open the small vents built into the window frame it's self. I know it's expensive but occasionally switch the electric heaters on in the bedrooms as that will help matters.




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Hi all
I've also been experiencing problems with condensation, mainly in the main bedroom and ensuite. I had an electrician in to check the extractor fan in the ensuite bathroom. He found that the extractor fan wasn't connected to an exterior vent at all and that the steam wasn't going anywhere except into the space above the ceiling of the en-suite. Also when he checked the vent from the main bathroom he found that while there was a vent on the outside for this fan the fan wasn't piped to the vent and therefore wasn't working efficiently. I'd imagine that all the apartments here are the same? Anyone else come across this and find a solution? Electrician estimates fixing the problem will cost approx 1000 euro!!!!


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hi all i live in the view too and have an 8month old baby ...and there is a major prob with condensation all around my back sliding door and bedroom windows..i do open my windows for a while the have to heat the place at night with baby not been well...but there is water dripping from my back sliding there anyway that can be sorted without me having to pay the expense xxx