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i am a new resident how can i dispose the old carpets and tiles removing from my house, can i put this in the bin shed
No! It costs the management company silly money to get rid of all that non-domestic waste, above and beyond the regular refuse service, which ultimately you and everyone else pays for in the service charge, unless (in the Domain anyway, presume it's the same for the others) we can prove someone dumped non-domestic waste then we pursue them for the cost of removing it.

But thanks for asking and welcome to the area! :D

Try http://www.dublinwaste.ie/bulkywaste_collections.html or http://www.dublinwaste.ie/bring_bank.php for more info.


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they have a good skip service and you can book a cheap one online.hope it is of some help.
As in all developements bin sheds are for domestic waste only.
its marked on the binsheds what can and can not be put in them. its shocking what some people tip into them in all fairness.
the only way it can really be stopped is if its reported. we are all paying for this at the end of the day.
Anyone know who can this sorta stuff be reported too ? i as a few others have been noticing alot of it recently


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Waste disposal

anyone noticing material not dropped into the bins and also not of a normal variety (i.e beds, extra black bags, furniture etc.) should contact South Dublin County Council and report illegal tipping. Just because the bin stores are in a gated underground carpark does not mean that this is not classed as illegal tipping. It is and can be reported to the right authorities and they will deal with it. In other complexes that i have dealt with, that have encountered the same problem, we erected in conjunction with the council a small mini cam corder (we bought it cheap from Lidl). This was viewed by the council and the block services manager when the illegal tipping happened again. Prosecutions were intiated and fines issued to the culprits. It might be an idea for the management committee to ask Cuala to work with the council on this. The council have to respond to any reports of illegal tippng.

http://www.sdublincoco.ie - environmental enforcement - just complete the customer service request and they will contact you.


i am a new resident how can i dispose the old carpets and tiles removing from my house, can i put this in the bin shed

How did you do that finally? Have you used any skip hire service ? If yes, at what rate?

Your reply will be appreciated.