Disturbance in the courtyard


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Has anyone noticed an increase in noise in the courtyard? Living on the ground floor I have witnessed kids jumping on other people's balconies and screaming like they are tortured.
This has been going on at times past 9pm. Also, I have been called a b**ch today right after I stepped out of my car in the car park by same kids.
Trees are damaged by little rascals and a quite day on the patio when a weather is good is out of option. Management company doesn't seem to be able to do much.
This is advertised as prime location and an exceptional development. And it would have been if not for 2 social housing blocks with these kids behaving like criminals at times. We have heard racial slurs directed at us and rocks being thrown into people's windows. We also had a bicycle falling on our patio. Thankfully we were not outside then.
Also, all other threads here from years ago about kids - all that is still valid.