Does anyone know if there is any management company in charge of North Bank?????


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Does anyone know if there is any management company in charge of this complex? Is there any security? cleaner?Our landlord (company) does not care at all, does not answer the phone, do not react, there is no contact with them... Living here turned into nighmare as ther are loads of noisy people around who do not respect the others... Loud music is a standard as well as dirt everywhere... I was just wondering if there is any renting policy anymore or if due to recesion they rent apartments to random people with antysocial behaviours...


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Hi Bibi!
Eh good luck with that one! We've had so many problems since we moved into NB, that at this stage we've given up! The only time I heard from the Mgmt Company was when they went about removing my car from the carpark, for what they claim as parking in an undesignated spot! However that was the one I ws given by the letting agency!
Other problems that exist are Broken Doors, Litter, Lights on in common areas even during the day, and this list goes on! Please let me know if you get any luck with contacting the management company!!!


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From what I can tell they have changed again.There number should be on the new rules list they posted.
As for the cleaner I've seen a few people cleaning the common areas now and again. Shame people can't keep it clean though.
Hate having no security too. Not even cameras around or in the car park given that the security doors are always broken.