Dogs being let go outside alone

I have a major problem with seeing dogs being let go outside without their owners. From going out for walks in the evenings I have seen 2 small terrier dogs in particular (black & white and black & tan) on Briarwood Avenue always out alone. No matter what day I pass through the Avenue into the park, the dogs are outside. They seem so bored and unsocialised despite being let go out. I feel the dogs are not being cared for or brought for walks. I was in a taxi also recently and he took a wrong turn onto avenue, low and behold they were outside barking and barking at 1am.. Shocking!! I think a call the DSPCA is on the cards for the poor mites. I dont know who their owners are that's the only thing.

It seems to be pandemic in the estate, always dogs out wandering.. Its a little hillbillyish truth be told, you would not see this in most places. Dogs should always be inside or out the back garden and brought for walks so they see new sights have have their minds stimulated. Does anyone else in the estate notice this or even care??