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Hi All

Over the last 4 years I have had issues with the shaws both front and back of my house. It seems to come in spurts blocking and unblocking over that time. The last few weeks has got as bad as it ever has been, so I bought rods and we tried to unblock it ourselves, but to no avail. I rang Fingal county council and they came out with the water truck today to try and flush the waste through to the mains. I have been told the following:

"This is a one off and we really shouldn't be doing this,but we're doing it as a favor" The pipe that goes from the shaw at my side gate to the mains, should be straight, it has been made that there are U-Bends in the system so no waste is getting through properly. There are blocks of concrete blocking the pipes, so the truck flushing the system today is a temporary fix and is only going to buy us a couple of weeks until we're back to square one. (us being the block I live on, I am an end of terrace).

Fingal have advised me that the road outside my house needs to be dug up to gain access to the blocked concrete - I mean, what kind of builders do this?? My contact in Fingal is going to be calling Sean Watters from Keenan tomorrow to basically give them a set amount of time to sort the problem out once and for all, or they will be prosecuted. Fingal county council will not be in a position to take over this estate until the drainage problems are sorted, as this was a major fault of the builders, Keenan are ultimately responsible for this. I know some people haven't paid their fees for this year, and I'm one of them, but really what difference will it make. I think over the 4 years I'm living here, nothing has dramatically changed to the estate. Anyway that aside Keenan must pay. I am urging all that has paid fees not to continue, for as long as they are receiving money, no matter now big or small, they will still exist, and we need them out.

This same problem with my drains,could be happening elsewhere on the estate if it hasn't done so already. I've been through absolute hell the last few weeks with this and I certainly haven't the money to keep forking out to get drains unblocked because the builders couldn't be arsed doing their job right.

We need action now, we need to come together as a community :)


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Hi Gemmaj,

Thanks for the heads up on this. I am one of those who's always paid their management fees because I thought it was the right thing to do but at this stage I am no longer sure that that's the case. What should we do to get this issue with the drains sorted? We haven't had any problems so far but I think it's just a matter of time before the whole estate is affected. Should we all write to Keenan? Maybe we could meet and decide on the best course of action.

KPM obviously don't care about our estate but I'm sure the majority of the residents do and there are a lot of other problems that need fixing here (like general maintenance and cleaning of common areas, insurance, etc).


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Hi there, don't know whether you received the letter about the next meeting in Paddocks? I think this is something that can be discussed at that. ideas shared etc. Seriously, I wouldn't wish on anyone here what I've been through the last few weeks with the drainage. Feel like handing my keys back and walking away, its upset me so much:( Anyway onwards and upwards:D, we do need to get together and I'm sure we can get this sorted. Personally, I've absolutely no problem in mucking in and doing whatever throughout the estate. Keenan don't even call themselves Keenan any more - what's that about? If they think changing their name is gonna help them - they're wrong. We need to out them, Ive never heard such b******t in my life that you buy a house and pay for someone else to look after the estate. I might aswell stand over the blocked mains outside my house and throw my money down it for what they've done. Literally full of s**t!

P.S from my last post that Keenan or whatever they call themselves have a certain amount of time to get the drains sorted, Ive still heard nothing. I will be ringing them tomorrow!! Hope they do get prosecuted !!!!!