First ESB bill


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Hello All.
My first EBB bill is dated from last November but I only completed in late January. What have people done regarding first bills? Have ye just bitten the bullet and paid the full amount or has anyone spoken to Castlelands about it?
My point would be that any electricity used prior to completion would have been by tradesmen contracted to Casltelands and therefore I should only be liable of any bills post completion..
I had meant to take meter reading of both electricity and gas on completion but stupidly forgot..


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I would would write to ESB with proof of day of handover and tell them to issue correct bill back to you. Fight that one defo. Castlelands are 100% responsible for payment pre handover. I would also email Jill Reidy regarding same.

ESB obviously must get paid so Castleland have to foot the bill pre handover. It is up to the ESB to seek that payment off them not yours.


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This is exactly what we did. We contacted Jill and she said to send onthe bills. That was last month but I haven't got round to do it yet, but they seem quite fair