Green Development - Take Two!


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I've just seen a planning application sign has been posted on Carrigmore Green. It looks like Place Property have re-thought their approach about how this area should be developed.....remember the drama of their original approach - pitches, changing rooms, floodlights etc.. Green Development - Take One!

Anyway this seems to be a scaled down plan which includes the likes of..
- landscaped park
- planted trees
- park benches
- boundary walls
- associated structures (your guess is as good as mine)
- acccess from the Shopping Centre
- car park for local residents (why this is needed i don't know!)

The whole application is not up on South Dulblin County Council website yet but i'll keep an eye out for it.

I'm sure this will prompt plenty of discussion again...


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Hmmmn, I'll watch this with interest, sounds like they at least listened to our views on what we wanted.


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Green Area

I have just had a look on sdcc web site and the plans are now up.
It seems they are doing what most of us requested, but I did notice there will be a soccer pitch, you will find this in the budget sheet. It doesnt give a size but by looking at the plans i hope it is only a small one for the kids to muck around on. I am waiting for sdcc to get back to me on that.


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The reason for the access road from the shopping centre is for the car park. As we don't need any more traffic in Carrigmore. Its bad enough trying to get out of our drive ways as is.
Although I don't know why we need a car park for 26 cars. Isn't the idea of a park for fresh air and exercise.
Update on Take 2!

"The provision of a park and ancillary development including landscaping, tree planting, park furniture and construction of surrounding boundary walls with local pedestrian entry car parking and associated vehicular access road from Citywest Shopping Centre and including the provision, construction or erection of any structures in connection with or for the purposes of enjoyment, management or operation of this local recreational facility which has been jointly developed on foot of Condition No. 4 of SD03A/0857 and conditions of other grants of permission for adjoining developments with the consent and agreement of adjoining land owners for the overall benefit of the existing community all on a site of 4.28hectares located on lands west of Citywest Shopping Centre, south of Carrigmore Green, Fortunestown Lane, Saggart, west of Saggart Abbey off Citywest Road, N82."

All drawings/documents can be viewed through this link :
Permission has been granted for this.
I have discovered recently that the council have inserted new conditions in the planning permission which has been granted for the development of the green are in front of Carrigmore Green. They have basically granted permission for a basketball court, carpark, soccer pitch, sports building etc.
This is basically what everyone objected to in the first place. There is bound to be a massive increase in anti social behaviour if this goes through.

The council have been very underhanded in the way they have done this. I am disgusted with them as they are clearly not considering residents wishes at all.

There is an appeal in An Bord Pleanala at the moment. The only thing the residents can do at this stage is to submit observations/submissions to the An Bord Pleanala at a cost of €50 - well worth it if it stops the planning going through. These have to be submitted by the 31st March at the latest. The decision of An Bord Pleanala is due out in July 09.