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Dear Residents

As you might be aware from the recent post on neighbours.ie, Smith Property Management (SPM) has resigned their role as the agents for Hansted Management. This takes effect from 31st October 2011.

Contrary to what they have told some residents, the position of the Residents Committee is that SPM have failed to engage with the Residents Committee and failed in their duties in managing the estate properly and responsibly, and as such, we are not exactly sad that they have decided to resign.

The Residents Committee was formed over 3 years ago and SPM engaged in a protracted process of non engagement, avoiding returning information, calls & emails, cancelling scheduled meetings and basically using delaying tactics to try to get away with being held accountable. We believe, SPM capitalised on the fact that the Residents Committee are involved on a “part time” basis and without necessarily the legal and other knowledge / experience. We further believed SPM tried to avoid delivering what they were contractually supposed to do while charging residents nearly €20,000 a year for their management fee.

Onwards and upwards!

As an interim measure, two of the Residents Committee members (Yoichi Hoashi and Wayne Combes) are coming on board as directors of Hansted Management and will take charge of the running of the Estate and to prepare to appoint management agents in 2012 once we get a handle on where everything stands with our stakeholders i.e. the owners/residents, contractors.

We have decided not to appoint new managing agents for the time being so that we can fully understand the operational, management and other costs associated with running our estate. To this end, we will be better informed for when we do appoint managing agents.

Our immediate tasks are:

• get a handle on the financial situation (i.e. find out who has arrears on their management fees and pursue the debts fairly and appropriately)
• issue 2012 invoices asap so we can maintain cashflow in order to pay for services
• organise our AGM and communicate with everyone face to face
• assess if we are getting value for money for our landscaping
• assess if our block insurance policy is appropriate
• draw up tentative maintenance requirements
• to follow up on the handover of the common areas to South Dublin County Council

Service charges – 2012

We are proposing a 5% increase in service charges for 2012 in an attempt to try to build up a Sinking fund which does not exist at present. This is both a legal requirement and a prudent plan to build a reserve for repairs / maintenance. We can further discuss this if necessary at our AGM and, we are planning to send out invoices in late November so that we can maintain cashflow to pay bills. Further details to follow but we plan to offer monthly/quarterly standing order options for convenience and ease of budgeting.

PLEASE note though – ALL late payments will incur a late payment fee to cover credit control costs, and ALL service charge bills must be paid for. In consideration for those that pay on time, non payment will result in legal proceedings to recover payment

Remember, we need the funds to pay for the essentials – insurance, landscaping, cleaning, maintenance etc.

Communal effort – Resident Committee

We on the committee are residents like you and we volunteered to get involved with the committee because we felt we needed to take matters into our own hands to get better results. Now that with SPM are out of the picture, we believe we can make a difference to our Estate. We are sure you will agree that there has been a steady deterioration on the look of the Estate and we need to start planning some urgent decorating and other works.

Running this Estate is for everyone’s good. We care greatly about the management of the Estate. We would welcome others to join the Residents’ Committee – commitment only involves attending meetings once a month or so, and to spread the word back and forth – tell the neighbours what’s going on from the committee level and also communicate back to the committee issues that are concern to our neighbours.

If you are interested in joining the Residents committee, please email us hanstedrc@gmail.com.

Transfer of the Common Areas to South Dublin County Council

We are currently getting the assistance of Cllr William Lavelle who is monitoring this development. Some of you may know that all common areas in Multi Unit Developments were supposed to transfer from the developers to the management companies / local authorities. The position is slightly complicated by the fact that the Hansted developers McInerneys have gone into receivership but we hope to have this issue resolved in the coming month or two.


We will be tendering out our landscaping contract for 2012 – if any one knows or works with a landscaping company, please get in touch. Contact details at the top of this newsletter.

2012 and beyond

At some point in mid/late 2012, it will be prudent for us to appoint new managing agents but only after stripping out the excess charges and getting the best deals possible from the few key cost headings.


Our next communication will be the AGM notice.

We hope that as many of you will attend to give support to our efforts. Of course we will be there to answer all your queries and concerns. Please note that we are doing this for ourselves now but we need your support, involvement and commitment.

Issues and problems

If you have any issues we need to know, please email us hanstedrc@gmail.com or call Yoichi on 086 782 8587.
In the meantime, if you have any queries, please get in touch – contact details are noted above. You can also reach via the Facebook page as well as by the neighbours.ie portal. Just look for the Hansted page.

Kind regards

Yoichi, Wayne and Joanna
Hansted Residents Committee