How is life in Clarion Quay?


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It's been 15 years since I visited my grandparents in that area of the city. The place has obviously changed a huge amount in that time. I'm thinking and likely to rent in the Clarion Quay development inside the next 6 weeks. To be honest, 15-20 years ago the place was quite intimidating, even for a young lad from Blanch! And well, I'm just wondering what it's like in Lower Mayor street and Clarion Quay in general, these days. I understand that there are social housing apartments in the development, and to be honest I'm a fan of that idea. I would hope, also, that they are spread out among the development, but they are more likely all in the same section? But either way, I think that's a good thing. What do others think about the social housing? How is the management of the building? Is the parking secure? Is the environment safe for kids? Are apartments secure and safe? Whats the social life like? Is the area noisy from a people perspective? Or from a traffic perspective? Or is it all just fantastic, as it looks!!!??? I'm quite excited by the prospect of it to be honest. To have the city on my doorstep! It looks like such a cool area now, with cafe's hotels, wine bars, restaurants and the new O2 and Grand Canal Theatre all close by. I can't seem to see any real faults? Can anyone give me some pros and cons and what I might have to expect? I've browsed through some of the other threads on the area but they seem a little outdated. Thanks