If you rent a house or a flat Bradogue Court in the first place you should:


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If you rent a house or a flat Bradogue Court in the first place you should:
_ Take pictures (with date of issue) the entire house (with all objects included) to all the cracks you have the walls, and where there are leaks.
_ If there is something to be repaired immediately inform your tenant in writing and registered, so it can be repaired by that person.
_ Always ask for the logbook of your monthly income.
_ Saves and always read your contract carefully.
_ Never leave your deposit in the hands of others, always tries to contact your tenant, always ask for proof of your payment.
_ Pay the rent on the day agreed in the contract (always ask for the bill).
_ If someone stay at home always contact your tenant.
_Never expect anyone reporting abuses and noise by another (you make the complaint).
_ Avoid making noise and damaging property.
_ Keeping the house clean.
_ Try to always know your rights and duties.

Here are some tips to not have problems with your lease.
(If you follow this advice may not have problems in the future when you want to leave home, especially in order to claim their right to a refund of deposit)
If you think these to be fooled by your tenant can contact the Citizens Information Centre in the city center directly, or by phone: Lo Call 1890 777 121

or even by Internet: http://www.citizensinformation.ie

if anyone has information or stories that we want to tell please write.

(This just the way that many people are fooled by their tenants).