Immersion woes


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The timed periods on my immersion stopped working last week - about 7 weeks after the electrician drained the tank and replaced elements for both bath and sink modes.
At this stage, I've spent hundreds over the past 13 months on problems with the water tank. Don't get me started on the moody toilet cistern which seems to fill only when it feels like it. I'm scheduling that in for 2018 sometime.
Has anybody else encountered this problem? Am I facing a long relationship with my electrician??


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I would probably get a plumber when dealing with water tank issues, yes there is a sort of cross of trades going on as there are electric elements too, so someone with electrical experience too... I changed my elements long time ago now, to titanium coated so they won't corrode as quickly (happens quicker in hard water areas), I used a guy called Pat Morris whom I highly recommend, will send you his number privately.

and I also changed the timer, done that part myself as it was easy enough, but to fix your problem you need to get it all diagnosed properly. And don't pay anyone unless they have fixed the problem to your satisfaction.

For the toilet cistern problem that can be done yourself too, it's tricky but the spare part should cost around 50 euros, are you sure the water is not partially running through the cistern? is the pump running a lot of the time? see this thread: