Internet and TV Providers


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I just moved into an apartment in the Chandler building in Rathbourne Village, Ashtown.

I am just wondering what are my options for TV and internet providers? What packages are good etc?

I already called UPC and they don't provide services for the area.

I don't have a home landline and I don't need one. I just need good decent TV and wireless internet.

Internet with Eircom and tv with Sky maybe? What do most people have?

I've heard of this cablewatch, is that any good? Their website is truely terrible.

Sorry for all the questions, hope someone can help! :)


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sorry am not from ashtown, but I was in the same position with poor Tv and Broadband options. The best thing for you to do is get on to your management company and get a few providers in. Then you have the choice we now have UPC , sky and skyconway. UPC at first was the only provider with no Broadband , then we got sky in for more Tv choice , then we got skyconway in they did foreign channels (which was good for renting and no more dishes) and they do a decent broadband package 20mb for €12.
It costs nothing to get these companies to install its a no brainer.