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As a person who over the years has formed or helped form many organisations in my area I cannot help but notice the reluctance of people to get involved in their own area. People who move into the area expect everything to be laid on for them and if not they complain to everybody saying "there's nothing to do around here no youth clubs etc. etc. blah blah blah" Well wouldn't it be great if these people got together and start up something themselves instead of whinging about it!


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I wholeheartedly agree, it really is a case of if we as residents lack the will to act we should only blame ourselves for the kind of community we incessantly whine about it.

I moved to Laytown last summer to a new estate and I’m forever amazed at not only the inertia but also the lack of knowledge of the amenities already here (of which I’m sure I’m guilty of myself) I’ve been volunteering at Sonairte for almost a year now and in my mind having that nearby sealed the deal when it came to buying in the area, and yet many in the estate think it’s a recycling centre and nothing else!! I do think though that for a lot of us who’ve recently moved here the long commutes play a factor, a 2 hour drive every day to work and then coming back late in the evening exhausted isn’t inducive to a great social scene… Nonetheless it’s more of a reason to make the time we spend in the community enjoyable and fulfilling.

As a local could you perhaps list the social/sporting clubs, volunteering opportunities and activities in the Bettystown/Laytown area? And also what you might like included in the future? Thanks!


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Sorry Friar Mo I am not ignoring you I am just up to my proverbials at the moment in project work, I will get back to you over the next couple of days... I promise.:eek:


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Don’t worry about it, I’m not in a hurry, I’m setting up a new forum for our estate and any info you could provide that I can add to the amenities section would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance and good luck with your project!


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Sorry Friar Mo for the delay in getting back to you! There are a number of organisations both sporting and social in the area! Whilst I am not totally au fait with them all, (and at one time I was) I will list some, Sporting, Social, Voluntary, etc.. I am of the opinion that in recent years the number have reduced , maybe I am wrong, but here goes....:

Laytown Athletic ( a Ressurection of a successful club I formed in 1973)
East Meath United ( also a ressurection of a club I was involved with in the early 70's
There is also a large fan base for Drogheda United in the area and always has been and a number of locals played for them over the years at all levels

St Colmcilles: A club that has turned out many all Ireland medal holders at all levels

Boyne RFC Based in Drogheda but an amalgimation of our local club Delvin and Drogheda.

Laytown and Bettystown

LAYTOWN Pitch and Putt club
Based on the back strand in Laytown and probably the most picturesque in the country as it straddles the beach New Members always welcome and reasonable

There are a number of different groups who meet in the local hall and also around the area.

There is also a Church choir of which I am a member and we always welcome new members. You dont have to be a Pavrotti to join.Thats why I am in it:D

There are a number of voluntary groups around
East Meath Hospice Group
Meals on Wheels (a new Group)
St. Vincent De Paul Soc
Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre Drogheda
Who do a wonderful job and are always receptive to volunteers of which I am one.

There are a few more Mo and if you want any more info or to even meet for a chat and a beer or coffee just send me a P/M and I will give you my e-mail address and phone no.


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That’s terrific Leatherarse! I’ve already posted them at our forum and passed them around at our first residents’ association meeting last Monday, Many thanks from all of us in South Shore…. Regarding the Church choir unless the stained glass is shatter-proof I think I’ll probably have to give it a pass(Although I still try to serenade the missus every now and then she thinks I’m that bad ! )