Is anyone genuinely happy with this estate???

I had a deposit down on an apartment in this estate. I waited endlessly for it to be completed, even waiting months for it to be snagged. In the end I bit the bullet and pulled out. I felt the build quality was very poor for the price it was valued at by the AFI. Too many things were going wrong and I felt it would ultimately be more trouble than it was worth. I got my full deposit back after a very long wait and an uphill battle. It was the most stressful time I've had to endure so I can relate to most people who have endured the same process.

From reading the posts here it doesnt seem like a peaceful or pleasant place to live, I don't live there so I could be wrong. I am quite happy not to have bought there but I can't help but feel that the people who have, have been let down by terribly the AFI. Would this be the consensus amongst the residents? And if it is, is there any chance of recourse??


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hi. before i got the house i was confused why people would prefer to buy second hand house, when new is much better (for me). after we got it, i understood all problems around this purchase. and i don't think it's particularly this estate. i saw another new houses and spoke to owners. i'd say if you not ready to pay twice you still will get some kind of "lego cubes".

from the other side i'm quite happy with the house (some small issues such as small enough garden etc) and happy with my neighbors.

good luck!


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I think everyone had some teething problems - yes the builders did dissolve after leaving many of us with unfinished snags and the new builders (speaking from my personal experience) were really awful.

The council and the AHP did abandon us to some degree. The management company aren't great to say the least

BUT despite all that the houses are really nice - and once you add your own touch and get the few odd jobs that were left they turned out pretty well.

The insulation is great the houses are always nice and toasty and I never hear a sound from my neighbours. While the parking took a while to sort out - its seems to have been resolved now.

Generally there is a lovely community spirit within PW, most of the neighbours get on well - you couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of people to live beside. While I don't speak for everyone I think generally people are happy there.


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I would agree with House Hunter 123. I find this neighbourhood a very peaceful, friendly place to live. I think the layout of the estate is lovely and all my realtives and friends who have visited think the houses are gorgeous and we all got great deals.
I am personally very happy with my house but of course who doesn't have teething problems with their homes at some point. Our heating system still plays tricks on us an odd time but otherwise works perfectly. The internal walls may need some work eventually as there are little things like bolts begining to stick out in the plasterboard. However its something that can be fixed. I am lucky in that we have a corner house so the garden is a great size that I making good use of it!

I would encourage everyone to attend the management meeting on 30th September as i don't intend to pay such an exorbitant fee next year.

On the downside, security is a slight problem in the estate. there ahve been houses broken into and cars damaged or stolen. Two of my tyres on one side of the car were flat one morning and a window was broken another night. We need to be extra vigilant as a community and make sure to check neighbours alarms if they are going off. Don't just think its a false alarm.

So to sum up, Phibblestown Wood is a fantatsic place to live.